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High Balance Loans

Loan amounts between $510,400 and $765,600 are priced as High Balance Conventional Loans – NOT JUMBO LOANS.

Conventional high balance loans up to 90% Loan-to-Value (LTV) feature our exclusive Mortgage Insurance Buyout Program. For Purchases up to 90% LTV and refinances up to 80% LTV the minimum FICO must be 680 FICO with a Maximum 43% Debt-To-Income Ratio. Eligible for both primary and second homes.

Priced like Conventional Loans providing better rates, easier guidelines, and faster turn times than Jumbo.

High Balance Loan Criteria Highlights

  • Flex Loan Terms Available from 8 to 30 Years,

  • Escrow Waiver Options with No Additional Fees,
  • Even Better Pricing Available for Borrowers with 80% LTV and 700 FICOs, and
  • Mortgage Insurance Buy-Out Options for Loans between 80% and 90% LTV so You Don’t Have to Pay Private Mortgage Insurance.